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This biographical dictionary highlights architects and builders who have produced North Carolina's architecture for more than 300 years. A brief biography plus a building list traces each person's work in the state. This is a growing website, with many more entries still to be added. We invite users to send corrections and updated information to enhance the site.

Small, G. Milton, Jr. (1916-1992)

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company [Raleigh]

George Milton Small Jr. (1916-1992) was the leading practitioner of modernist architecture in the Miesian mode in North Carolina, especially in the Triangle area, in the 1950s and 1960s. As the head of William Henley Deitrick's office in the late 1940s and subsequently in his own firms, he brought a pure modernist approach to residential, commercial and institutional design in a large body of commissions and influenced other notable architects including George Matsumoto. From 1955 to 1960, Small was in partnership in Raleigh with Joseph Boaz (also a former student at Oklahoma) as Small and Boaz. Thereafter he...

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Dorton Arena, Raleigh
Matthew Nowicki, architect

Notable Quotes

"Mr. Guastavino began laying these tile exactly as if he were shingling an imaginary dome in space, only using cement for nails. Beginning at the bottom course, the first six or seven thicknesses of tile were laid one over the other braking joints, in a special cement of plaster of paris. The next course, laid in Portland cement, was held in place by overlapping the tile below. The process was repeated until the great dome was finished without the aid of girdlers [sic] or supporting scaffolds."

Guastavino, Rafael, Sr. (1842-1908)

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