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Andrews, W. S. (fl. 1850s)

W. S. Andrews (fl.1850s), architect, from Columbus, Ohio, appeared briefly during the antebellum railroad growth era in the North Carolina Piedmont. He advertised in the Greensboro Patriot of September 17, 1858, that he was "prepared to furnish plans and drawings for Public Buildings, Villas, Cottages, etc." In his advertisement, he cited as references such...

Armfield, G. Will (1849-1927)

G. Will (George Williamson) Armfield (1849-1927) was a Greensboro architect and contractor in the early 20th century, who had spent his younger years as a merchant before embarking on a new career in construction about 1900. Although there are numerous contemporary references to his building projects, especially residences, only a few of his works...

Bain, William Carter (1839-1920)

William Carter Bain (January 8, 1839- July 8, 1920) was a prolific and adaptable contractor who epitomized the energetic entrepreneurship of the post-Civil War well into the 20th century. Bain began as a small-town artisan, served in the Confederate army, and became a regional builder and manufacturer. Adapting successfully to changing times during a...

Barton, Harry (1876-1937)

Harry Barton (June 17, 1876-May 9, 1937), a native of Philadelphia, moved to Greensboro in 1912 and became a leader in that city's and the state's architectural profession during the early 20th century, planning numerous important buildings and taking an active role in the American Institute of Architects in North Carolina. Harry Barton was born...

Bonitz, Henry E. (1872-1921)

Henry Emil Bonitz (1872-1921), born in Goldsboro, North Carolina, of German parentage, established an extraordinarily prolific practice as an architect in Wilmington, with scores of projects in the port city and its environs, and many more in other towns and counties in North Carolina. Henry Bonitz was a son of John Henry William Bonitz and...

Boyer, Martin E., Jr. (1893-1970)

Martin Evans Boyer, Jr. (July 22, 1893-February 17, 1970) was a long-lived and prominent architect in Charlotte best known for his residential architecture of the first half of the twentieth century, primarily in the city's most prestigious suburbs. He is considered by many to be Charlotte's preeminent revivalist architect. Boyer was born in Glen Wilton...

Brewer, W. L. (1862-1956)

W. L. Brewer (September 9, 1862-September 5, 1956), a Greensboro architect, numbered among the original chapter members of the new North Carolina chapter of the American Institute in 1913 (see Glenn Brown). He was also #5 among the group of men licensed to practice architecture in North Carolina in 1915, based on their previous...

Conrad Family (fl. 1820s-1850s)

The Conrad family of builders from Davidson County, who also formed a firm called Conrad and Williams with their partner John Wilson Williams, constructed some of the most important and advanced buildings in the western North Carolina Piedmont during the antebellum period. The Conrad family possessed traditional skills as cabinetmakers and carpenters, but they...

Davis, Alexander Jackson (1803-1892)

Alexander Jackson Davis (1803-1892), a leading American architect of the antebellum period, had an important series of commissions in North Carolina that were significant both in the development of the state and Davis's national practice. The monumental North Carolina State Capitol (1833-1840) was designed by the firm of Town and Davis, but his subsequent...

Deitrick, William Henley (1895-1974)

William Henley Deitrick (1895-1974) was a distinguished and prolific Raleigh architect for half a century, whose firm grew into one of the largest in the state, with projects from the coast to the mountains. Although he began his career in the Beaux Arts tradition and designed many buildings in revivalist styles over the years...

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