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Asbury, Louis H. (1877-1975)

Louis H. (Humbert) Asbury, Sr. (October 15, 1877-March 19, 1975), a leading Charlotte architect, was the first professionally trained, fulltime architect in North Carolina who was born and practiced in the state. (See also Gaston Alonzo Edwards.) Asbury established a long-lived and prolific practice in Charlotte, with projects across much of the state, especially...

McInerney, Michael (1877-1963)

Michael Joseph Vincent McInerney (March 18, 1877-March 3, 1963), architect and designer, was a Benedictine monk and Roman Catholic priest at Belmont Abbey in Gaston County, North Carolina. Beginning with his design for St. Leo Hall (1906) at the Abbey, he developed a nationally important architectural practice that encompassed scores of Catholic churches, schools...

McMichael, James M. (1870-1944)

James M. McMichael (December 14, 1870-October 3, 1944), a prolific early twentieth century architect headquartered in Charlotte, became known as one of the principal church architects in the state and is best known for his domed, classically detailed, auditorium plan churches for Baptist and other Protestant congregations. He also planned other building types including...

Rogers, Willard G. (1863?-1947)

Willard G. Rogers (1863?-1947), a native of Cincinnati, practiced architecture in Charlotte, N. C. for many years, for a time as a partner in Hook and Sawyer with Charles Christian Hook and then on his own. Relatively little is known of Willard G. Rogers's early life. According to a biographical dictionary of Cincinnati architects he...

Wheeler and Stern (1909-late 1910s)

The architectural firm was formed in 1909 in Charlotte by Oliver Duke Wheeler and Eugene John Stern. This was the last known architectural partnership formed by Wheeler. For the firm's operation and selected building list, see the Oliver Duke Wheeler entry.

Wheeler, Oliver Duke (1864-1942)

Oliver Duke Wheeler (May 21, 1864-October 27, 1942), was an architect who with his sequence of partners and associates—Luke Hayden, Louis E. Schwend, James M. McMichael, Neil Runge, D. Anderson Dickey, and others—had a long career in North Carolina and one of the state's most prolific practices of the day. Headquartered in Charlotte from...

White, Hugh Edward (1869-1939)

Hugh Edward White (June 27, 1869-June 25, 1939), a South Carolina-born architect, worked in various locations before moving about 1920 to the growing textile city of Gastonia, North Carolina, where he became the principal architect in his adopted community. Working in a mainstream Beaux-Arts tradition, he served an emerging clientele among the industrialists and...

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