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Asbury, Louis H. (1877-1975)

Louis H. (Humbert) Asbury, Sr. (October 15, 1877-March 19, 1975), a leading Charlotte architect, was the first professionally trained, fulltime architect in North Carolina who was born and practiced in the state. (See also Gaston Alonzo Edwards.) Asbury established a long-lived and prolific practice in Charlotte, with projects across much of the state, especially...

Biberstein, Richard C. (1859-1931)

Richard C. Biberstein (1859-1931), an engineer and mill architect from Texas who settled in Charlotte in 1887, was one of the most prolific designers of textile mills in North Carolina and the South. The full extent of his work and the status of his buildings have not yet been determined. Extensive records of his...

Cramer, Stuart W. (1868-1940)

Engineer, inventor, author, and organizer, Stuart W. Cramer (March 31, 1868-July 2, 1940) was a man of many talents. Responsible for planning nearly 150 cotton mills from Virginia to Texas, he was also agent or southern manager for numbers of large manufacturers of textile machinery and equipment for various facilities including power plants. He...

Hook and Rogers (1905-1916)

The firm of Hook and Rogers was established in 1905 by C. C. Hook and Willard G. Rogers. Rogers had moved to Charlotte from Cincinnati, Ohio, around 1900 as an architect for the engineering firm of Stuart W. Cramer. The partnership of Hook and Rogers closely followed that of Hook and Sawyer and covered...

Hook and Sawyer (1898-1905)

The firm of Hook and Sawyer was the first of three architectural partnerships formed by architect C. C. Hook. The firm, established by Hook and North Carolinian Frank McMurray Sawyer, operated from 1898 to 1905 and reported 103 projects to the Manufacturers' Record. In 1902 the pair published Some Designs of Hook & Sawyer...

Hook, Charles Christian (1870-1938)

One of the first leaders in the state's early 20th century architectural profession, Charles Christian Hook (February 18, 1870 - September 17, 1938) moved to Charlotte as a young man in 1890 and practiced in the "Queen City" for the rest of his long career. He was Charlotte's first fulltime professional architect, and one...

Lockwood, Greene, and Company (est. 1882)

Lockwood, Greene, and Company (est. 1882), one of the major engineering firms in the eastern United States from the late 19th century through the 20th century, was a New England-based firm that planned many mills and other plants in the New South, including in North Carolina the immense Loray Mills in Gastonia, a project...

McInerney, Michael (1877-1963)

Michael Joseph Vincent McInerney (March 18, 1877-March 3, 1963), architect and designer, was a Benedictine monk and Roman Catholic priest at Belmont Abbey in Gaston County, North Carolina. Beginning with his design for St. Leo Hall (1906) at the Abbey, he developed a nationally important architectural practice that encompassed scores of Catholic churches, schools...

Milburn, Frank Pierce (1868-1926)

Frank Pierce Milburn (December 12, 1868-September 21, 1926), an energetic New South architect, designed more than forty-five major buildings in North Carolina. He also established the first truly regional practice in the South. Milburn worked throughout the southern states and in Kentucky, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Historian Lawrence Wodehouse estimated that...

Milburn, Heister, and Company (1909-1934)

The prolific firm of Milburn, Heister, and Company consisted of founder Frank Pierce Milburn, Michael Heister, and Milburn's son Thomas Yancey Milburn. It was established in 1909, when architect Frank Pierce Milburn formed a partnership with Michael Heister, a young designer who had headed Milburn's drafting department since 1903. The partnership became one of...

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