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Bain, William Carter (1839-1920)

William Carter Bain (January 8, 1839- July 8, 1920) was a prolific and adaptable contractor who epitomized the energetic entrepreneurship of the post-Civil War well into the 20th century. Bain began as a small-town artisan, served in the Confederate army, and became a regional builder and manufacturer. Adapting successfully to changing times during a...

Barton, Harry (1876-1937)

Harry Barton (June 17, 1876-May 9, 1937), a native of Philadelphia, moved to Greensboro in 1912 and became a leader in that city's and the state's architectural profession during the early 20th century, planning numerous important buildings and taking an active role in the American Institute of Architects in North Carolina. Harry Barton was born...

Hartmann and Hartmann (1946 -1960s)

The firm formally known as Charles Hartmann, Architects, was formed about 1946 by the established Greensboro architect Charles C. Hartmann and his son, Charles Conrad Hartmann, Jr. The elder Hartmann had moved from New York to Greensboro in the early 1920s and established a successful practice. His son worked with him for a time...

Hartmann, Charles C. (1889-1977)

Charles Conrad Hartmann (1889-December 31, 1977), architect, moved from New York to Greensboro in 1921 to design the Jefferson Standard Building and established a prolific and long-lasting practice. In the mid-1940s he formed the practice of Charles C. Hartmann, Architects, with his son Charles C. Hartmann, Jr., a firm herein referred to as Hartmann...

Rose, William P. (1870-1952)

William Preston Rose (1870-1952), architect and contractor, designed and constructed many buildings large and small in eastern and central North Carolina. A native of Johnston County, he typified the fluidity of the building professions during his long career. He began as a carpenter, then emerged as a self-taught architect in the late 1890s. About...

Stoddart, William Lee (1868-1940)

William Lee Stoddart (1868-1940) was a prolific architect in New York City whose multi-state practice popularized Beaux Arts style hotels in the early 20th century. His typical designs were of brick with classical cast stone detailing. His work covered many eastern states, including North Carolina, where he designed several hotels and other tall buildings...

Swaim, Lyndon (1812-1893)

Lyndon Swaim (December 15, 1812-March 26, 1893) was a prominent newspaper editor and public official in Greensboro who late in life turned to architecture and styled himself as "architect." Taking advantage of the fluidity of professional identities and the demand for construction in the late 19th century, he planned public and private buildings in...

Weston, Frank A. (ca. 1850-ca. 1930?)

Frank A. Weston (ca. 1850-ca. 1930?), architect, was a native of Rome, New York, who practiced in Denver, Colorado, before coming to Greensboro, North Carolina. In Colorado he was associated for a time with noted architect Henry Trost (1860-1933), who gained fame in western and midwestern architecture. He was in Denver in 1900, an...

Wirth, Albert Carl (1890-1930 or later)

Albert Carl Wirth (May 7, 1890-1930 or later), architect, moved to North Carolina from Buffalo, New York, in 1916 and designed buildings in a variety of styles, including commercial buildings, apartment houses, and automobile dealerships in Greensboro, High Point, and Asheville, then returned to Buffalo by 1930. Wirth was born in Buffalo to Philip C...

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