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Bonniwell, George Capes (1837-1919)

George C. Bonniwell (1837-1912), a highly mobile manufacturer, builder, and architect, was a native of New York who moved to the western Piedmont of North Carolina in the late 1870s. He and his daughters Josephine and Norma constituted an unusual family in North Carolina building practice—as "Bonniwell and Daughter" for a time. His daughter...

Cram, Ralph Adams (1863-1942)

Ralph Adams Cram (1863-1942), FAIA, was a leading architect in New York and Boston best known for his Gothic Revival style churches in those cities and elsewhere in the nation. Two of his firms, Cram, Goodhue, and Ferguson, and Cram and Ferguson, planned buildings in North Carolina in the early 20th century, five of...

Hartmann and Hartmann (1946 -1960s)

The firm formally known as Charles Hartmann, Architects, was formed about 1946 by the established Greensboro architect Charles C. Hartmann and his son, Charles Conrad Hartmann, Jr. The elder Hartmann had moved from New York to Greensboro in the early 1920s and established a successful practice. His son worked with him for a time...

Hartmann, Charles C. (1889-1977)

Charles Conrad Hartmann (1889-December 31, 1977), architect, moved from New York to Greensboro in 1921 to design the Jefferson Standard Building and established a prolific and long-lasting practice. In the mid-1940s he formed the practice of Charles C. Hartmann, Architects, with his son Charles C. Hartmann, Jr., a firm herein referred to as Hartmann...

Hayden, Wheeler, and Schwend (1899-1900)

The architectural firm was formed in 1899 in Charlotte when Oliver Duke Wheeler and Luke Hayden of Hayden and Wheeler took Louis E. Schwend as partner. Schwend died in November 1900. This was one of a series of partnerships formed by Wheeler. For the firm's operation and selected building list, see the entries for...

Hunter, Herbert B. (1890-1976)

Herbert Bernard Hunter (October 5, 1890-March 31, 1976), architect, worked widely in North Carolina and elsewhere, with his principal North Carolina projects occurring in the 1920s. Born in Charlotte, according to his obituary he attended the Charlotte Military Academy before studying at the Beaux Arts Architectural School in New York. He worked as a...

Kennedy, James Matthew (1881-1948)

James Matthew Kennedy (1881-1948), architect, was a native of Wayne County, North Carolina, who graduated from present North Carolina State University and designed public schools and other buildings during the state's early 20th century's emphasis on public construction projects. Son of an established family in Wayne County, Kennedy attended local schools and then studied textile...

Schwend, Louis E. (1875-1900)

Louis E. Schwend (1875-Nov. 24, 1900) was an architect from Ohio who was briefly a member of the prolific architectural firm of Hayden, Wheeler, and Schwend. Although his career was brief, he is noteworthy for having planned the 1899 Iredell County Courthouse, which formed the popular prototype for a series of similar courthouse designs...

Stoddart, William Lee (1868-1940)

William Lee Stoddart (1868-1940) was a prolific architect in New York City whose multi-state practice popularized Beaux Arts style hotels in the early 20th century. His typical designs were of brick with classical cast stone detailing. His work covered many eastern states, including North Carolina, where he designed several hotels and other tall buildings...

Wheeler and Stern (1909-late 1910s)

The architectural firm was formed in 1909 in Charlotte by Oliver Duke Wheeler and Eugene John Stern. This was the last known architectural partnership formed by Wheeler. For the firm's operation and selected building list, see the Oliver Duke Wheeler entry.

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