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Price Family (fl. 1830s-1890s)

George W. Price, Sr., (ca. 1810- September 11, 1882) and George W. Price, Jr., (ca. 1843-October 22, 1901) were leading ornamental plasterers in Wilmington, North Carolina. They learned their trade as enslaved artisans and accomplished the finish work on some of the city's principal antebellum buildings, including the City Hall-Thalian Hall and the Bellamy...

Taylor, Henry (1823-1891)

Henry Taylor (1823-1891), born a slave, was a prominent carpenter and citizen in Wilmington during the mid and late 19th century. Although few specific projects have been attributed to him, Taylor family tradition associates him with the construction of the immense Bellamy Mansion. He is best known as the father of Tuskegee architect Robert...


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