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Fogle Brothers (1871-1932)

Charles A. Fogle (1850-1892) and Christian H. Fogle (1846-1898), partners in the contracting firm known as Fogle Brothers, were leading builders during an era of major industrial and urban growth in Winston and Salem (present Winston-Salem), constructing a large proportion of the factories, civic and commercial buildings, and housing for the burgeoning manufacturing towns Charles...

Manwaring, Stephen (ca. 1640-1699)

Stephen Manwaring (ca. 1640-1699), an English-born carpenter active in 17th century Perquimans County, was one of many men who plied their trades and strove to prosper in the rough and contentious frontier culture of the 17th century Albemarle region of North Carolina. He is one of the few North Carolina builders of his period...

Royster, Leonard H. (1840-1912)

Leonard (Len) H. Royster (October 2, 1840-April 2, 1912) was a carpenter and builder who in 1878 formed with William J. Ellington (1849-1919) the Raleigh contracting and manufacturing firm of Ellington, Royster, and Company. Royster, a native of Raleigh, and Ellington, who came from Chatham County, created one of the city's largest contracting and...

Rudisill, Jonas (1817-1895)

Jonas Rudisill (January 17, 1818-May 3, 1895) was a carpenter who worked in Charlotte for nearly half a century and typified the versatility of many 19th men in the construction trades; he identified himself as a contractor, building supply manufacturer, and architect. Although he advertised regularly in the local newspapers over many years, little...

Zachary and Zachary (fl. 1890s)

Zachary and Zachary was a contracting and building supply firm active in Raleigh and Wilmington from the early 1890s until about 1901. Its principals were father and son Henry Clay (H. C.) Zachary (1848-1905) and Arthur D. Zachary (1872-1938). Both were born in Alamance County, where Henry Clay Zachary began his career as a...

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