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Kendall and Taylor

The firm of Kendall and Taylor, formed about 1908 by Henry H. Kendall and Bertrand E. Taylor, was the last of Taylor's partnerships with other Boston architects that produced work in North Carolina. (See the entry for Taylor.) Kendall, the senior partner, was a fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and served...

Kennedy, James Matthew (1881-1948)

James Matthew Kennedy (1881-1948), architect, was a native of Wayne County, North Carolina, who graduated from present North Carolina State University and designed public schools and other buildings during the state's early 20th century's emphasis on public construction projects. Son of an established family in Wayne County, Kennedy attended local schools and then studied textile...

Kramer, Joseph Perry (1867-1924)

Joseph Perry Kramer (1867-1924), a carpenter, builder, and architect, planned and constructed many of Elizabeth City's buildings during the early 20th century. He was a representative example of the many builders who worked in a locale for many years, producing a wide range of building types that shaped the architectural character of their communities Born...

Lane, John B. (1834-1910)

John B. Lane (1834-1910), a leading builder in post-Civil War New Bern, was one of three sons of New Bern's best-known antebellum builder, Hardy B. Lane, Sr. (1793-1856). The other sons were Frederick Lane (ca. 1824-1868) and Hardy B. Lane, Jr. (b. ca. 1829). Doubtless trained by their father, the Lane sons entered building...

Leitner, Joseph F. (1871-1930)

Joseph F. Leitner (June 13, 1871-June 2, 1930) was a mobile and prolific architect who began his career in Georgia, then worked in South and North Carolina, returned to Georgia, and ended his days in Florida. During a highly productive decade in Wilmington, North Carolina, first with his partner William J. Wilkins and then...

Lockwood, Greene, and Company (est. 1882)

Lockwood, Greene, and Company (est. 1882), one of the major engineering firms in the eastern United States from the late 19th century through the 20th century, was a New England-based firm that planned many mills and other plants in the New South, including in North Carolina the immense Loray Mills in Gastonia, a project...

Loewenstein and Atkinson

The Greensboro firm formed in 1953 by Edward Loewenstein and Robert A. Atkinson, Jr., continued until Loewenstein's death in 1970 and produced more than 1,600 commissions, one third of them residential. See the entry for Edward Loewenstein for partial building list.

Marsh, Marion R. (1893-1977)

Marion R. ("Steve") Marsh (October 21, 1893-September 4, 1977) was a versatile and long-lived architect and engineer active during Charlotte's early to mid-20th century growth as an industrial and financial center. Between 1922 and his retirement in 1964, he designed several well-known Charlotte buildings, plus others in surrounding region of North and South Carolina...

Marye, P. Thornton (1872-1935)

Philip Thornton Marye (1872-1935), architect, developed a practice in Atlanta that reached across the South and included several notable Beaux Arts and Art Deco style buildings in North Carolina. During the early twentieth century, he planned a series of fine Beaux-Arts style buildings in Raleigh including a trio of elegant banks, which together gave...

McInerney, Michael (1877-1963)

Michael Joseph Vincent McInerney (March 18, 1877-March 3, 1963), architect and designer, was a Benedictine monk and Roman Catholic priest at Belmont Abbey in Gaston County, North Carolina. Beginning with his design for St. Leo Hall (1906) at the Abbey, he developed a nationally important architectural practice that encompassed scores of Catholic churches, schools...

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