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Asbury, Louis H. (1877-1975)

Louis H. (Humbert) Asbury, Sr. (October 15, 1877-March 19, 1975), a leading Charlotte architect, was the first professionally trained, fulltime architect in North Carolina who was born and practiced in the state. (See also Gaston Alonzo Edwards.) Asbury established a long-lived and prolific practice in Charlotte, with projects across much of the state, especially...

Cates, J. W. (1847-1918)

John Wesley Cates (September 30, 1847-January 10, 1918), a native of present Alamance County, joined with his brothers, William and Berry, in the 1880s in a modest contracting and building materials supply business known as J. W. Cates and Brothers. Most of their projects were for constructing small dwellings and commercial buildings for industrializing...

Dodge, William Waldo, Jr. (1895-1971)

William Waldo Dodge, Jr. (1895-1971), architect and craftsman, was one of the leading figures in Asheville's architectural scene as well as an illustrious and well-known silversmith. He was part of an important larger movement in Asheville that expressed the influences of the romantic and Arts and Crafts movements in a variety of media from...

Embury, Aymar II (1880-1966)

Aymar Embury II (1880-1966), a New York architect known for his country houses and country clubs of the early to mid-twentieth century as well as bridges and other public works in New York, created in North Carolina a distinctive and eclectic body of architecture that helped define the unique character of the Sand Hills...

Gaines, Henry Irven (1900-1986)

Henry Irven Gaines (1900-1986), a native of South Carolina, spent a long and productive architectural career in Asheville, North Carolina, as partner in Beacham, LeGrand, and Gaines, on his own, and as a founding member of Six Associates. He was one of many architects whose budding career was interrupted by the Great Depression. In...

J. W. Cates and Brothers (1880s-1910s)

J. W. Cates and Brothers was a modest contracting and building materials supply business that was started in the 1880s by J. W. Cates and his brothers William and Berry. Their contracting work focused on constructing small dwellings and commercial buildings. The firm operated in the central Piedmont of North Carolina from the 1880s into...

McKim, Mead and White

The nationally renowned New York architectural firm of McKim, Mead and White had an influential role in North Carolina both directly and indirectly. Most notably, as consulting architects for the University of North Carolina the firm employed Beaux-Arts classical principles in defining the early twentieth century campus expansion with their on-site architects being William...

Satterfield, Howard E. (1877-1944)

Howard Ernest Satterfield (May 11, 1877-May 27, 1944), who began his career in Raleigh as a professor in mechanical engineering at present North Carolina State University, was a popular and respected builder whose "Satterfield Built" residences in Raleigh and other communities represented high quality work. His most prolific building era came in the 1920s;...

Six Associates

Six Associates began in 1942 as an Asheville architectural firm established by a group of western North Carolina architects: William Waldo Dodge, Jr., Henry Irvin Gaines, Anthony Lord, William Stewart Rogers, Erle G. Stillwell, and Charles Waddell. This brief account covers only the general outlines of this important firm's work. Biographical entries and building...

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