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Brooks, Caleb F. (1797-1885)

Caleb F. (Foreman) Brooks (1797-1885), a house carpenter, was born in Gull Rock on the south side of Lake Mattamuskeet in rural Hyde County, North Carolina, and spent his entire life in that locale. He is the earliest known carpenter identified with the construction of specific houses in the county. Strong local and family...

Kahn, Albert (1869-1942)

Albert Kahn (1869-1942), who is generally ranked as America's most important designer of industrial architecture in the first half of the 20th century, planned facilities across the nation, including at least six buildings in North Carolina. According to the finding guide to the Albert Kahn Papers at the University of Michigan, Kahn "revolutionized the...

Leary, Samuel Linton (1863-1913)

Samuel Linton Leary (1863-1913), a native of Philadelphia, moved to North Carolina about 1889 and had a brief architectural career in Charlotte and Durham, planning buildings for the fast-growing industrial towns at a time when they had relatively few local architects. He is best known for two major works in Durham: the Trinity College...

Linthicum and Linthicum (ca. 1916-ca. 1946)

The architectural firm of Linthicum and Linthicum consisted of father and son Hill C. Linthicum (1860-1919) and H. Colvin Linthicum (1886-1952), who had prolific practices that encompassed several North Carolina communities. They represented the second and third generations of the family in building: Hill C. Linthicum's father, William H. Linthicum (1818-1886), was also a...

Linthicum, H. Colvin (1886-1952)

H. (Henri) Colvin Linthicum (1886-1952), the son of architect Hill C. Linthicum (1860-1919), joined in his father's practice as a young man and after his father's death had his own extensive practice in North Carolina. He was the third generation in the building professions: his grandfather, Hill's father, William H. Linthicum (1818-1886), was a...

Linthicum, Hill C. (1860-1919)

Hill Carter Linthicum (1860-1919) was a Virginia-born architect who moved to North Carolina as a youth and had a prolific architectural practice that encompassed several North Carolina communities. He practiced for a time with his son, H. Colvin Linthicum (1886-1952) as Linthicum and Linthicum. Linthicum took a strong role in establishing the architectural profession...

Milburn, Frank Pierce (1868-1926)

Frank Pierce Milburn (December 12, 1868-September 21, 1926), an energetic New South architect, designed more than forty-five major buildings in North Carolina. He also established the first truly regional practice in the South. Milburn worked throughout the southern states and in Kentucky, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Historian Lawrence Wodehouse estimated that...

Milburn, Heister, and Company (1909-1934)

The prolific firm of Milburn, Heister, and Company consisted of founder Frank Pierce Milburn, Michael Heister, and Milburn's son Thomas Yancey Milburn. It was established in 1909, when architect Frank Pierce Milburn formed a partnership with Michael Heister, a young designer who had headed Milburn's drafting department since 1903. The partnership became one of...

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