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Barrett, Charles W. (1869-1947)

Charles W. (Wanton) Barrett (1869-1947) was one of Raleigh's most prolific architects around the turn of the century, designing buildings in Colonial Revival and other styles and publishing his work in promotional volumes. Arriving in town when the capital had very few architects, Barrett practiced on his own and in partnership with architect Frank...

Berryman, George (1883-1957)

George Berryman (1883-1957) was a native of Virginia who practiced architecture in North Carolina during the early to mid- 20th century. He planned or helped to plan numerous educational facilities, with the original campus of Raleigh's Meredith College [Meredith College Quadrangle and Development Plan] among his best-known projects. A son of George and Martha Berryman...

Cooper, Thomas Wright (1897-1957)

Thomas Wright Cooper (1897-1957), a Raleigh architect who practiced with several different associates, designed in a wide range of architectural styles from the 1920s onward, including works in Colonial Revival, Neoclassical, and Modern modes. Cooper was born in Raleigh, a son of stonecutter Charles W. Cooper, head of the Raleigh Marble Works. He was educated...

Keller, Harry P. S. (1869-1938)

Harry P. S. Keller (1869-1938), a versatile architect active in Wilmington and Raleigh in the early 20th century, planned a variety of buildings from residences to commercial buildings and college buildings at present North Carolina State University. Harry Keller was the son of Samuel Prescott Keller of Laurel, Maryland. Little is known of his training...

Marye, P. Thornton (1872-1935)

Philip Thornton Marye (1872-1935), architect, developed a practice in Atlanta that reached across the South and included several notable Beaux Arts and Art Deco style buildings in North Carolina. During the early twentieth century, he planned a series of fine Beaux-Arts style buildings in Raleigh including a trio of elegant banks, which together gave...

Salter, James A. (1874-1939)

James Armstrong Salter (1874-1939), a native of Wisconsin, was among Raleigh's leading architects from the early 1910s until his death and served as State Architect from 1919 to 1921. Skilled in various styles and building types, he is credited with designing approximately thirty buildings in North Carolina, most of which were residences and educational...

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