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Briggs, John J. (1770-1856)

John J. Briggs (1770-1856), a highly skilled and widely respected Raleigh house carpenter, began work in the capital city during its early days and continued for more than a half-century. Along with accomplishing the fine carpentry work on a number of town and plantation houses, he served as "boss" carpenter at the North Carolina...

Fort Family (1764-1845)

The Fort family (1764-1845) of house carpenters included the brothers William Knight Fort (June 27, 1764-June 21, 1843); John Fort (ca. 1785-1828); and Elias Fort (ca.1790-ca. 1845). Known for a single large project, Fairntosh plantation, among what must have been many works, the Fort brothers are representative of artisans who strengthened their economic position...

Palmer, Martin (ca. 1742-1832)

Martin Palmer (ca. 1742-Oct. 31, 1832), a prominent Orange County house carpenter and joiner, is one of the few 18th century builders whose name is linked with specific projects in and around the Piedmont town of Hillsborough. From the 1770s onward Palmer lived in a Quaker farming community north of Hillsborough. According to research...

Pugin, Byron A. (1844-1909)

Byron A. Pugin (1844-1909), architect, designed several important buildings in Durham in the late 1880s, worked briefly in Seattle around 1890, and established a practice in Atlanta that continued from the early 1890s until his death in 1909. His life story is a mysterious one: he does not appear in any known records until...

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