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Benton and Benton (1915-1935)

In 1915 Charles C. Benton, Sr. and his elder brother Frank W. Benton established the partnership of Benton and Benton, headquartered in their native Wilson. Charles had practiced with other partners including John C. Stout and Solon B. Moore prior to 1915, but little is known of Frank's earlier career. Benton and Benton proved...

Benton and Moore (ca. 1910-ca. 1915)

The architectural partnership of Benton and Moore of Wilson, North Carolina, was formed in about 1910 by Charles C. Benton, Sr., a native of Wilson, and Solon B. Moore, who arrived there a few years earlier. During their partnership that lasted until ca. 1915 the firm designed several imposing neoclassical edifices in Wilson including...

Benton, Charles C., Sr. (1887/1888-1960)

Charles C. Benton, Sr., together with his partners including his brother Frank W. Benton, his sons Henry and Charles Collins Benton, Jr., and others, had a long-lived and regionally important architectural practice headquartered in Wilson, North Carolina. Encompassing much of eastern North Carolina and extending west into the foothills, Benton and his associates designed...

Benton, Frank W. (1883-1960)

Frank W. (Whitaker) Benton (1883-1960) was an architect headquartered in Wilson, North Carolina, who along with his brother Charles C. Benton, Sr formed the prolific firm of Benton and Benton. During their partnership from 1915 to 1935, the Bentons designed buildings of nearly every type—residences, banks, churches, and civic buildings—and encompassed much of eastern...

Freeman, Oliver Nestus (1882-1955)

Oliver Nestus Freeman (February 22, 1882-September 28, 1955) was a prolific, creative, and multi-talented craftsman active in Wilson from about 1910 to his death in 1955. He became the community's preeminent brick and stonemason and also worked in tile, but he is best known for his stonework on his own buildings and throughout the...

Lipscomb, Oswald (1826-1891)

Oswald Lipscomb (July 26, 1826-Feb. 3, 1891) was a carpenter from Virginia who came to North Carolina as a young man and became a leading builder in the newly chartered railroad town of Wilson, specializing in the picturesque residential styles popular in the mid-19th century. Oswald Lipscomb is described as a son of Reuben and...

Moore, Solon B. (1872-1930)

Solon B. (Balias) Moore (May 17, 1872-January 16, 1930) practiced architecture in Wilson for more than twenty years, briefly with Charles C. Benton, Sr., in 1910-1915 and then for sixteen years on his own. Arriving early in Wilson's emergence as the leading bright leaf tobacco market in America and one of the wealthiest towns...

Stout, John C. (1860-1921)

John C. (Christie) Stout (December 19, 1860-November 24, 1921), a contractor and architect from Randolph County, worked briefly in Wilmington, then moved to Wilson and to Rocky Mount. He had a large practice that extended throughout much of eastern North Carolina and concentrated in the railroad towns of the inner coastal plain. Like other...

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