White Memorial Presbyterian Church

James A. Davidson, builder; Courtenay S. Welton and Sons, architects


Raleigh, Wake County
Street Address:

1704 Oberlin Road






White Memorial Presbyterian Church, located near the Hayes Barton neighborhood, is a notable example of the longevity of the Georgian Revival style, executed by a master of the mode. The Raleigh News and Observer of July 10, 1948, carried an article on the proposed church, including a drawing and the names of the architect and the contractor; the writer explained, “The architectural style selected for the new red brick church is Georgian Colonial, as inspired by the famous British church architect, Sir Christopher Wren, and introducted into American in the royal buildings at Williamsburg.” This mode harmonized with the existing Georgian Revival residences in adjoining Hayes Barton as well as others nearby on Oberlin Rd., most notably Tatton Hall (1934-1936) by New York architect William Lawrence Bottomley. Virginia architect Courtenay S. Welton was known for his work in revival styles in Richmond’s premier neighborhoods of the early 20th century, and the firm, Courtenay S. Welton’s Sons or Courtenay S. Welton and Sons, was active in Virginia in the 1950s. Note: Davidson and Jones Archives; News and Observer, July 10, 1948; J. Michael Welson, “Richmond’s Timeless Designer,” https://www.huffpost.com/entry/richmonds-timeless-design_b_12030016.