Frederick and Caroline Sadgwar House

Sadgwar Family, house carpenters

ca. 1877, ca. 1910

Wilmington, New Hanover County
Street Address:

15 N. 8th St.






Family tradition states that David E. Sadgwar assisted his son Frederick in the original construction of this family home on property David had acquired for the purpose. In 1872 David Sadgwar received permission to build a frame structure on 8th Street between Market and Princess. A construction date of 1877 is mentioned in family accounts. The United States Census of 1880 listed Frederick Sadgwar and his large family residing on 8th Street between Market and Princess streets. This was a one-story house. Family accounts say that about 1910 Frederick Sadgwar expanded the house to its present two-story form, creating a substantial gable-fronted house with neoclassical details and a broad porch. This account accords with evidence of Sanborn Insurance Maps. The earliest Sanborn map to cover this block, that of 1893, shows a one-story frame house at 15 N. 8th St.; a two-story house is there by 1915. Family members continued to live in the house until the late 20th century. The Sadgwar family affiliated with the Baha’i faith and for many years this house was home to a Baha’i congregation.