Wilmington Market House

Benjamin Gardner, builder


Wilmington, New Hanover County
Street Address:

Center of 00 block of Market St. (between Water St. and Front St.), Wilmington, NC


No longer standing



Images Published In:

Catherine W. Bishir, North Carolina Architecture (1990).


Unusual open-air market of cast and galvanized iron. There may be an urban model for this building, as yet unidentified. It was demolished in 1881. The Wilmington Commercial of February 29, 1848, described the building in detail: “This beautiful superstructure is nearly finished, and is quite an ornament to Market Street. The roof has a span of 25 feet, the columns are fifteen feet from centres, leaving a projecting eave of five feet on each flank. There are ten stalls, 30 feet long, 2 feet 4 inches high, 3 feet 6 inches wide, standing 21 inches on each side of the columns. The height of the stalls and lightness of the racks offer little obstruction to the view across the street, and leaves the architectural proportion and beauty of the columns undiminished.” There were to be two stalls at the east for fruits and vegetables, two at the west for fish, and six more for meat. “The roof and belfry are covered with galvanized iron, and as the whole of the ceiling, quite out to the eaves, is to be plastered, the building will be entirely fireproof.”