Tileston School

Leslie N. Boney, Sr., architect (1937); Cape Fear Building Company, contractors; John A. Fox, architect (1871-1872); Joseph Keen, builder (1871-1872); Joseph F. Leitner, architect (1910); Alex Strausz, architect-builder (1871-1872); James Walker, superintending architect/contractor (1871-1872)

1871-1872; 1910 [expanded]; 1937 [expanded]

Wilmington, New Hanover County
Street Address:

400 Ann St., Wilmington, NC





Images Published In:

Tony P. Wrenn, Wilmington, North Carolina: An Architectural and Historical Portrait (1984).


The development of the school is somewhat complex and the roles of those involved in its 1871-1872 construction uncertain. Newspaper articles mention both Walker and Keen as builders. The original 2-story section of brick was completed in 1872 and was later expanded. One expansion was the “enlarge high school” project noted for Leitner in the Manufacturers’ Record of June 30, 1910. Boney planned the third addition, the Ann Street wings. It was estimated to cost $26,000. The illustration here depicts the Tileston School in essentially its original picturesque form. The porch and most of the decorations have been removed, though the original school still stands at the core of the present complex. A more recent photograph appears in Wrenn, Wilmington.