Metropolitan Hall

Joseph Prairie, architect and contractor
Variant Name(s):

Raleigh City Hall and Market



Raleigh, Wake County
Street Address:

219 Fayetteville St., Raleigh, NC


No longer standing



Images Published In:

Elizabeth Reid Murray, Wake: Capital County of North Carolina, Vol. I, Prehistory through Centennial (1983).
Steven Stolpen, Raleigh : A Pictorial History (1977).


Initially called the “Market House, City Hall, and Theatre,” by May 1871 the municipal building was called Metropolitan Hall. The Italianate style edifice was three stories tall and ran through the block from Fayetteville Street to Wilmington Street, with gable ends facing the street, a cupola and pediment at the Fayetteville Street end, and arched open bays in the first story. The multi-purpose building had market stalls and other facilities on the ground floor and offices and a theater on the upper floors. In the 20th century, after complaints about its uncomfortable arrangements, unsanitary conditions, and the odor wafting up from the market stalls to the auditorium, it was replaced by a “modern” and “sanitary” city market designed by James Matthew Kennedy and built near Moore Square a few blocks eastward.