NCSU Student Union



Raleigh, Wake County
Street Address:

700 block Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC





Images Published In:

John Morris, “Nowicki’s Other Masterpiece: The Erdahl-Cloyd Wing at NC State,” Goodnight Raleigh,


According to research by John Morris for “Nowicki’s Other Masterpiece,” when William Deitrick was commissioned in 1949 to design a Student Union for present North Carolina State University, both G. Milton Small and Matthew Nowicki were associated with Deitrick’s office. Small provided a drawing for a straightforward but for Raleigh unfamiliar modernist design. Chairman of the building committee David Clark strenuously objected to the design, saying “I definitely do not favor a modernistic building.” He compared the design to “cheap and flashy stores” he had seen in Florida. That design was shelved. Evidently Deitrick turned to Nowicki for another concept, and Nowicki came up with a drawing for a building with a dignified and clearly modernist portico facing Hillsborough Street, which evidently won approval and is the basis for the present building. That drawing survives. Nowicki was killed in a plane crash in 1950 and the completion of the building by Deitrick’s firm took a few more years. Relevant drawings exist in the Deitrick and Nowicki papers at Special Collections, North Carolina State University Libraries. See images and John Morris’s an account of events at