Eastover Elementary School

Marion R. Marsh, architect; James A. Stenhouse, architect


Charlotte, Mecklenburg County
Street Address:

500 Cherokee Rd., Charlotte, NC






According to a report by Mary Lynn Morrill, when Eastover School opened its doors in 1935 at 500 Cherokee Road, it had six classrooms for grades 1-6, a one room office and a small first aid room. It was designed by architect James A. Stenhouse, then employed by Marsh. Eastover School is cited as Stenhouse’s “first design job out of college (Georgia Tech). It took Mr. Stenhouse two weeks to design Eastover School. He was paid $10.00 as he made $5.00 weekly pay. The only element not used in his design was a handsome cupola, eliminated for budget reasons. Mr. Marsh was paid 6% of the construction costs. W.P.A. labor was used in the construction of the school (a grant to the city from the federal Public Works Administration.) The only government restriction was that you couldn’t pay anyone less than 25 cents hourly to do W.P.A. work. The school system liked Stenhouse’s design so much it reused it for Midwood elementary, Eastover’s twin, on Central Ave.” The school has been updated and expanded over the years.