Hanes Hosiery Mills, Ivy Avenue Plant

Albert Kahn, architect
Variant Name(s):

Hanes Hosiery Finishing Mill



Winston-Salem, Forsyth County
Street Address:

1245 Ivy Ave., Winston-Salem, NC






The Hanes Hosiery Finishing Mill of 1938-1939 is an important and remarkably intact example of Kahn’s construction philosophy. It is one of two major sections of a large industrial complex of the Hanes Hosiery Company, a firm that played a major role in the economy of Winston-Salem and North Carolina. The company introduced nylon stockings in 1938, which met with instant success. As noted, the extensive windows and the dramatic five-monitor roof maximized natural light in the large, open factory spaces; the monitor roof treatment resembles the Kahn firm’s famed 1938 Chrysler truck plant in Michigan. Although many of the windows were later bricked up, most are intact on the interior. The interior retains Kahn’s characteristic structural systems of loadbearing masonry, steel, and concrete, including reinforced concrete, mushroom-style columns in the two lower stories. See Sunny Townes Stewart, Hanes Hosiery Mill-Ivy Avenue Plant National Register of Historic Places nomination, 2016.