State Administration Building

P. Thornton Marye, architect; Frank B. Simpson, associated architect
Variant Name(s):

Ruffin Building



Raleigh, Wake County
Street Address:

1 West Morgan St., Raleigh, NC






As state government required more space in the early 20th century, a plan was developed to enlarge the North Carolina State Capitol (see Frank Pierce Milburn). But an outcry stopped that project, and instead the State Administration Building was erected facing Union Square, taking design cues from the State Capitol. Marye’s drawings for the State Administration Building are in the North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh. Several architects sought the commission. According to the Asheville Gazette-News of June 8, 1911, “the fight to become the architect of the state administration building occupied most of the day yesterday before the building committee.” After other contenders were eliminated, the vote was three and three for Hook and Rogers of Charlotte and P. Thornton Marye of Atlanta, until a deciding vote went for Marye. “Some of the North Carolina architects have criticised the committee for giving the work to an out-of-state company.” Marye was associated for the project with Frank B. Simpson of Raleigh. The building was to contain spaces for the Supreme Court, the state library, the hall of history, and numerous officers and commissions.